Our Software

Totally inclusive “WHS Management Software” at your fingertips bringing safety to everyone in your business.
Utilising your existing WHS documentation system and our “Safetyminder” management software.
Enabling a whole of business approach to managing your team's safety.

Document Management

Real time updating of all documents, policies and procedures.

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Individual Access Via Mobile App

Each Team member has access to their own personal profiles enabling instant updating of all aspects relating to them.
Whilst the individualised task list allows each user to track and complete all required tasks allocated to them.

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Full Automated Reminder System

Calendar & Task functions
Utilising both Email & SMS reminders
Sub-Contractor Management

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Some Features

Safetyminder covers all aspects of your WH&S system,
working in conjunction with our mobile app

Cloud Based Storage

Each company has a 10GB cloud storage limit included.
Ability to purchase additional storage is available if requested

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Safetyminder administrator controls security and is able to set individual levels of access by job roles.You can create as many roles within Safetyminder as you see fit.
Individual user security set as required

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Mobile App

Safetyminder's mobile app gives your whole team access to all the necessary information to manage your safety requirements.
Enabling full access to all Safety Data Sheets with the full knowledge that you have the most current version.
Reporting safety issues as they arise and capturing all the relevant information needed to make informed decisions on where improvements can be made.
Individual team member sign off's engaging everyone in the process.

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Total Team Involvement

The administration of Work Health and Safety has always fallen on the shoulders of someone in the office, leaving those individuals to ensure that your business stays up to date with meeting your responsibilities to your team.
Safetyminder has changed the way companies will manage Safety from now on, enabling the whole team to share the load and to take responsibility where it counts.
Safetyminder builds a safety culture with the whole team ensuring everyone plays their part in keeping the team safe.

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