Like to simply fill out a JSA on your mobile device?

Like to simply fill out a JSA on your mobile device?

Well now you can……….


Safetyminder® now has a simple and very easy to use fillable JSA that you can customize and send to your mobile devices for completion.  The mobile users tick and add the required information you need, then sign off on screen.  The JSA can then be emailed to whoever needs it and all the information is sent back to base all from a native app.  The templates are easily modified to look like your existing manual docs.  Talk to us about your requirements NOW!

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Mobile Fillable Documents!

Exciting News – Our revolutionary new form builder has been released.

In Safetyminder you can now create templates for all your forms i.e. Warehouse or Daily Plant Inspections, Noise Exposure Risk etc. Then effortlessly distribute these to the team, where staff can easily complete and electronically sign them off via the Safetyminder mobile app.

Build your own:
Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Work Permits
Virtually anything you can dream up

Or, if you do not have the time to build your own forms then Safetyminder can assist you by building them for you for a small fee. If you would like us to assist you then please ask for a quote.

The templates use data that is already available in Safetyminder to populate selection lists or create unlimited lists of your own. Add complex check list items, dates, times and any other information that may be required. As you build the template there is also a display showing how it will look in the mobile app, allowing you to make adjustments as you go.

Within the templates you can also customise the PDF report that is generated once the job has been completed. These can then be emailed to whoever may require it.

The new template builder in Safetyminder allows you integrate accepted safety and health principles and practices into a particular task or job operation.

More information?  Go to our website or call us 1300 859 506 (within Australia) or email us at if outside of Australia