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Click on the Task from the home page.

Or from the Main Menu select:
– Report Issues Suggestio..
– Incident and Investigation Report

Select the report you wish to work on and click on View Details.

At any stage you can save the details by clicking the blue save tick.

The details will populate. Change the Completion Date if required.

Tick the boxes as required for actions that need to be taken

Tick training required and complete the details as required. Tick the boxes for P&E Repair or Maintenance then click the respective buttons to complete.
Tick the box if Corrective Action is required and complete the details. Tick if Safe Work/Work Safe were notified.
Complete the Investigators Conclusions
Scroll through and select any of the factors that may have contributed.

In any section you can tick Other and type in additional items.

If required click +ADD FILE.

Click the blue save Tick, which will close the report.

Select it from the menu again click View Details.

If you are happy with all the information in the report, scroll to the bottom and click the green Sign off ticks.


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