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Click on any Maintenance task from your home page.

Hint: use the filters to narrow down the selection.

Or from the Main Menu select:
–          Registers
–          Maintenance Register


To narrow down the list you can type in the search box to find the item you need.

Click the Green + to add a new maintenance item.

Or click on any task and select View details

Select the Maintenance Type – this will also determine the P&E items displayed

Select the Asset – the details will auto populate.

Select who will perform the maintenance:
– Staff this may require a licence qualification depending on the type of maintenance.

-3rd Party: select the company who will complete the maintenance.


Complete the Maintenance Description

Select the next service date

Select the Service Interval
– if you select NA this will be a one-off task.
– for any other option the task will repeat at the interval each time it is signed off.





If you have create this task for someone else then click the blue SAVE tick. It will now appear in their task list.

If the maintenance has been completed then click the green Sign Off ticks.

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