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Select Add New to create a new entry.

1. Injury Number is auto populated.
2. Select the Date Report Logged from date picker.
3. Select the Date & Time the injury occurred, from the date & time picker.
4. If the injury is a lost time injury, then tick the lost time injury tick box.
5. Select the Date & Time the injured worker is returning to work, from the date & time picker.
6. Select the type of person involved from the drop-down list. The 3 options are as follows:
– Employee: select the from the drop-down list in #8.
– Sub-Contractor: the select from the drop-down list #8.
– Public: Click the + add button and complete all the details #8.
7. From the drop down list select the Staff member who reported the injury.
8. From 6 above select the employee, sub-contractor or public.
9. Select the incident result from the drop-down list of actions.
10.Select any body parts that have been injured from the list.
11.Type the location incident occurred into the next field, along with the State and Postcode.
12. Type in a description of what occurred.

13. If first aid was provided select either Staff & select from the drop down list or Other and complete the Name & number fields.
14. Select which first aid kit was used from the drop-down list. It will display a list of items available in this kit. Type in the number used in the Quantity Used column.

15. Tick the box if Medical Treatment was required.
– Type in the name of the treating doctor.
– Type in the name of treating facility.
– Type in the description of the treatment required for the injured person.

16. If this injury is going to be a work cover claim, then place a tick in the tick box and the details will be added to the Work Safe/Safe Work claims Register. NOTE: this can only be ticked for employees.

17. If this injury requires further investigation, then place a tick in the incident & investigation report required tick box. Details of the injury will be added to the Incident & Investigation Register.

18. To load any documents select +ADD FILE.

When finished Select Save.

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