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Under this section you maintain all the topic’s you have used in your Toolbox & Prestart meetings.
This will also include any Suggest Safety Improvements added by staff on the Mobile App.

To add a new topic select Add New:

  • Add the title of the topic.
  • Selected who it was Reported By.
  • Add a description of the topic.
  • If required select a Customer, Job Name and Job Number.

If you have a document you would to attach for this topic, then:

  • Select Add File
  • Locate your document from your local hard drive, highlight and select open.
  • The Title is automatically imported, however can be changed at any time.
  • You will then need to add your description of this document.
  • To finish, select save. 

Under the Action heading:

  • You can delete the document
  • Upload a new document
  • Download the existing document

Click SAVE

You will also be able to see any meeting history for each agenda item:

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