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1. Using the drop-sown arrow in the Toolbox Prestart Meeting Agenda’s select required meeting you want to send out minutes for.

2. The Date, Requested Start Date & Requested Finish Date will automatically show the date & times selected for the meeting held.

At the same time all the team members selected to attend the meeting will be added to the staff grid (even if they did not attend the meeting).
You can add additional team members using the drop-down arrow, once you found the required name of the person click on their name. Then select the plus button to add the person to the staff grid.
If you want to delete a team member from the list, select the delete icon next to the team member you want to remove.

3. Select the date & time the minutes were sent out from the Date & Time pickers.
Select the name of the team member who completed the process from the drop-down list of team members.

4. To load a copy of the Toolbox Prestart Meeting Minutes, select Add File.

5. When finished Select Save.

Staff will now have a task reminder on their mobile app and be able to  read and sign them off.


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